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We are a leading NDIS Approved Provider with local disability services provider passionate about ensuring you can lead an independent, autonomous lifestyle of your dreams. We use a consultative approach to ensure we’re giving you the best and most appropriate service for your goals, needs and disability. We eagerly support equality for all and welcome clients from all demographics.

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We are an NDIS-registered disability services provider committed to making sure you receive the personalised care you require.

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Personalised care for each client

At Gracious Hands Services, we pride ourselves on making sure our clients receive the exact service, attention and care that they require. Our professional and compassionate support workers will take the time to listen to your problems, concerns and needs, enabling them to put together a personalised strategy and plan of action for you going forward. We also make sure to collaborate with you on all major decisions, ensuring and encouraging you to take charge of your own lifestyle.

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Highly qualified NDIS support workers

Our staff members go through extensive training to make sure we can do our best to serve you. Not only do our staff hold the highest qualifications in aged and disability care, we are always tinkering with our approach to make sure we deliver the best service possible for you. We provide in-home care and support, and our experienced staff have served people living with various disabilities in the past.

At Gracious Hands Services, we work with you and for you. If you have any feedback or concerns about our services, our staff will be happy to make accommodations for your specific situation.

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We are a leading disability services carer in Australia. Our goal is to take care of our clients so they don’t need to stress about the daily issues of life; instead they can pursue their passions, dreams and interests.

Why should you choose Gracious Hands Services?

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Mental health

We realise how important mental health is in this day and age, especially after a global pandemic. We have always prided ourselves on making sure all our clients are in a position to receive any mental health help they require, by providing therapeutic services ourselves.

Highly experienced staff

Our experienced and qualified staff are capable of caring for people living with various different kinds of disability.We hire only the most caring and warm-hearted people to work with our clients directly, so they can provide the most benefit to your lives.

Tailored support for you

We listen to each client to understand your goals and needs so that we help you in the best way possible. We work with you collaboratively and empathetically so that you can receive the individualised, tailored support for your situation.

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